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Company UAB "Sala Energy" delivers a new solution for

Recycling car tires

Utilisation of used car tires and production of electrical and thermal energy, and industrial carbon.


Process used for utilisation: Vapor Thermolysis - unique, safe and predictable, environmentally friendly way to recycle any hydrocarbons, including plastics and other "hard to recycle" polymers.

We offer: turn key supply of a used tires utilisation plant.


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Recycling oil sludge:

Vapor thermolysis (decomposition of organic materials in theenvironment of the superheated vapor) is the base of the newtechnology for the treatment of the oil sludge.

The solid materials produced in the result of the vapor thermolysisare mineral materials, which can be used in the constructionindustry. No additional treatment of the said materials is requiredin order to remove residual carbohydrates.

The treatment of the oil sludge allows for extraction of thecarbohydrates, quality of which is close to the quality diesel or furnace oil - subject to initial content of the oil sludge.

The degree of the carbohydrates extraction is 92% from its initialcontent in the oil sludge. Water and mechanical additives are notpresent in the liquid carbohydrates. The sulfur content is in thelimits of 3%. The energy value is about 43 000 kJ/kg

Please enquire us for more information.

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