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Energy accumulation batteries and systems, produced in EU:

We deliver cost effective energy storage solutions that are not only less expensive than other battery technologies, but less expensive than the most economical alternative used today to provide the same services—gas turbines for peak power generation and transmission and distribution assets for delivery capacity.

New storage technology is about physical adsorption of organic ions at activated carbon electrodes.

Our storage solutions actually pays of and has economic sence as well as "green label":

  • Payback time 1 – 2 years and lifetime 10+ years

  • Scalable from 1 kW-h to MW-h level

  • Easy to connect - “Plug & play”

  • Safe to operate

  • No service required

  • Low cost and environmentally friendly recycling

  • And more...

Batteries and storage systems are applied with fuel and gas generators, microturbines, solar pannels, wind mils and grid.

This solution is one of the best, from available in the market for today.


For more information, please contact us.

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