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SALA ENERGY is a group of companies of energy and recycling sectors, promoting and aplying most advanced and efficient technologies for today to produce energy from cogeneration, solar and alternative sources, recycling and storing the energy.

Companies are united by common goals to deliver and apply innovations and provide only the best solutions to consumers - industries and homeowners that make sence.


Our business vision is focused on environment, ecology and economy.

ENERGY sector - efficiency and innovations

Company UAB "Sala Energy" with partnerships and aliances is working in energy sector, providing electricity and heat production systems by cogeneration - turbines from Capstone Turbine Corporation (USA), what enables to power industries with electricity and thermal energy (heating and cooling) from 30kW to 30MW of power. Company also delivers energy accumulation systems and batteries, enabling to store from 1kW to 1MW and above. Our energy solutions are best known for high efficiency, low maintenance, saving environment and high economical value.

RECYCLING sector - safe alternative solutions

Company UAB "Sala Energy" delivers a new solution for recycling oil sludge and car tires by fully controlled and safe vapour thermolysis method. The solid materials produced in the result of the vapor thermolysis are mineral materials, which can be used in the construction industry. Carbohydrates, extracted from oil sludge by quality are close to diesel or furnace oil. All equipment is manufactured and already in operation, also could be used in cogeneration processes.

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