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Specialists in cogeneration energy solutions, providing consultations, calculations, supply, service and warranty maintenance of world-leading manufacturers of equipment.

Company operates from Lithuania and covers North-Central Europe region.

We organize energy monitoring, calculations, financing and turn-key installation with maintenance.

Company UAB "Sala Energy" with partnerships and aliances is working in energy sector, providing electricity and heat production systems by cogeneration - turbines from Capstone Turbine Corporation (USA), what enables to power industries with electricity and thermal energy (heating and cooling) from 30kW to 30MW of power. Company also delivers energy accumulation systems and batteries, enabling to store from 1kW to 1MW and above. Our energy solutions are best known for high efficiency, low maintenance, saving environment and high economical value.

Please contact us for any question and inquiries. We will monitor the project, deliver a special questionaires about the energy consumption and we will provide the optimal offer and calculations.

Capstone Sala Energy
Mikroturbinos Capstone
Sala Energy Capstone
Gas microturbine
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